Spot Check Log

"Spot Check log Services Offered By HD Protective Services"

HD Protective Services offers devices that’s helps tracking Security Guard Activities

Shows Guard locations visited during patrol

HD Protective Security Guards assures you of our full commitment .They undergo a rigorous background screening and have gone through a strict licensing process in law enforcement and often times, the military as well. Local Security Experts Committed to Excellence in Service.

Security With the Highest Standards And Personal Attention.

RFID Guard Tour System

Shows Guard locations they visited during patrol.You can filter the data to show patrols made by specific Guard, or specific locations, or by time.

It’s easy to use— simply touch a withThe PIPE. The button’s ID number is stored in the PIPE’s memory along with the date and time.Advanced Features— of 1, 2, or 4 hours, or 15 or 30 minutes, andThe PIPEwill beep to remind your officers to begin a tour.The PIPEisdurable,offerslong battery life,waterproof andwithstandsextreme temperatures. Abuse Detection — PIPE II logs impacts, immersions and more. You can

Online Guard Tour System

JWM offering is a simple yet powerful solution to track record and manage service activities, employees and contractors in real time. Combining a mobile device database, communications and web software into one solution, enables efficiencies and cost savings for companies that perform, provide or contract service activities.

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