E Shift Reports

"E Shift Report Offered By HD Protective Services"

HD Protective Services assures you of our full commitment through Incident Report and E-Shift Report. All security reports are available to you in your email inbox.

We have created a state-of-the-art software program to streamline daily services and create maximum efficiency.The software replaces the hand written dispatch log that creates miles of paper trail per week/month/year, and offers you in the management office a quick and easy snapshot of any and all goings on either daily or by resident profile

Attributes of E-Shift Report:

  • Daily E- shift reports are designed to report routine things like when and where the security officer was on your property and what they observed.
  • E-Shift reports are detailed and informative. Each entry  list the date, time, location, and activity.
  •  These reports notify the landlord to all the repairs, maintenance issues or to resolve other hazardous conditions.
  • Daily E-Shift reports  document the patrol of all roadways on a property even if no unusual activity is observed.

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